Friday, May 13, 2011

The Night Before a Wedding

Greetings and welcome to another long-awaited edition of “This Wonderment”, the bi-annual blog that begs the question, “What was the question again?”  I’m your host, editor, writer, photo editor and all-around blogging fool, Alex Pendragon, which, of course, is not my real name.

Yes, I know, the very fact that I have posted a few more than a couple of posts to this blog this year alone belies the claim of it being a “Bi-anual” blog, but the claim is accurate insomuch as it’s only made to cover my ass when it takes me so long to getting around to posting.  I only promised you two posts, period, so you’ve nothing to complain about.  Thus, rejoice, as I regale you with yet another bonus post to this award winning publication.  I wish these awards weren’t sent in the mail because mine is taking FOREVER to get here….sheesh…..

It has been very busy around here lately, as we plan for the wedding of the local twin, the one who isn’t already married.  They were hand-fasted here at the Hold a year and a day ago, and now have convinced themselves that they can stand each other’s presence for even more years to come.  So now they will “tie the knot” for good here again, with our local Witch, High Priestess, and Queen of the Hold performing the ceremony.  She can do this because she has a note from somewhere out there saying she’s Wiccan Clergy.  
Anyway, the Hold is full of family tonight, and tommorrow will be overrun with friends as well.  Two people will pronounce their vows in the presence of their Gods and their fellow sojourners.  This is their time.  These are the days of our lives.

Blessed Be.

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