Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Gift that just keeps on Giving........

     Finally, the drama leading up to this wedding has past, and things can settle down to something resembling normal here at Pendragon Hold.  Of course, normal includes the continuing saga of my back injury, things breaking down, and whatever aggravating thing pops up out of nowhere which is the spice of life down here in the swamps of the "new" middle class.  In the old middle class, you traded your car in every 4 years for the latest thing from detroit.  In the NEW middle class, you run old Nelly Bell into the ground and THEN you pray you can come up with a way to finance a newer "pre-owned" car, preferably with some sort of extended warranty, which you will pay dearly for.  I now have about a third of what I think the Credit Union is going to demand for a down payment, and old Nelly Bell is starting to wheeze........

     We here at the Hold are looking forward to yet ANOTHER ending of the world, an event that has been happening with some regularity for the last thirty years or so, or at least according to the Christians of various denominations.  Now, what's really halarious/infuriating about these characters is how they cherry-pick their precious scriptures to back up all their wild assertions about this or that, completely ignoring the many other references in that SAME testament that go contrary to how they behave and what they try to get you to accept as "gospel" truth.  The latest (again) assertion, biblically proven, no less, is that the world will be ending (just how many times can a world come to an end anyway?) here in three days, or at least the rapture that is said to occur before the long-drawn out ending of the Book of Revelations.  And THIS time the preacher warning that the sky is falling is POSITIVE that he's got it right this time, again, despite the plain-as-day admonition in scripture that states that NO ONE will EVER know the date or time of the return of the Son of God.  But, like most fundamentalists I know, this man disrespects his almighty God SO much he feels he can second-guess him, speak for him, and do whatever it seems that the Lord God of Hosts can't seem to do himself.  That is just one of the many reasons I moved on and found a much more gentle, loving, and damn sight more logical spirituality know as Wicca.  The "Busy God"  (as Anne Johnson describes him) got to be a wee bit to lazy, angry, violent, psychotic, illogical, jealous, and downright pathological for me to even believe in, much less worship.  He LOVES me?  Fine, then quit, in his name, trying to oppress or kill me and we will get along a LOT better.  Till then, my fundy friends, I consider you about as safe to turn my back on as the Taliban.

     Now, you ask, what am I going to do if suddenly people start disappearing into thin air on this very day?  Will I throw myself on the ground in prostrate anguish, begging the Lord to please don't "leave me behind"?  HELL NO.  First off, as far as I am concerned, we have a major problem with physics, to say the least, and if this horrid creature really DOES exist, then he and me have a problem.  No, I will not bow down before a being who behaves even worse than the evil satanic devil that he blames all of our problems on.  No, I will NOT be worshipping Satan just because I can't get with this GOD character, because, c'mon, why would any DECENT person in their right mind go running to kiss the ass of someone so famous for screwing with man for all these millennia?  What, just because we disown ONE kind of evil we then HAVE to embrace ANOTHER kind?  Bullshit!  NONE of these cosmic crackpots get my loyalty, thank you very much.  You can't make me love or worship you with threats of damnation.  I never asked you to be created in the first place.

     Which, in the end, make it so much easier to go with common sense and not believe in these looney-tunes stories to begin with.  Come Sunday, I will once again roll my eyes and hope that for ONCE, the proof is self-evident, and these idiots will just put down their cosmic calculators and just shut up about it.

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Judy Bracher Carmichael said...

I say, we get left behind, and the party BEGINS!